Life Insurance

A human life is also an income-generating asset. This asset also can be lost through unexpectedly early death or made non-functional through sickness & disabilities caused by accidents. Accidents may or may not happen. Death will happen, but the timing is uncertain. If it happens around the time of one's retirement, when it could be expected that the income will cease, the person concerned could have made some other arrangements to meet the continuing needs. But if it happens much earlier when the alternate arrangements are not in place, insurance is necessary to help the dependents.


“When it comes to insurance protection, everyone’s needs are different. Yet no matter where you are in life, you need an affordable way to protect your financial security


As a personal finance advisor, we will be better positioned to leverage our relationships with the product providers and place the requirements of our customers appropriately. With Indian markets seeing a great change, both in terms of investment pattern and attitude of investors, insurance is no more seen as only a tax saving product but also as an investment product. By setting up a separate entity, we would be positioned to provide the best of the products available in this business to our customers.


Term Plan

A pure risk cover plan, which gives you protection against the uncertainties of life.
Term Plan is an insurance policy that has been designed to fulfill the financial desire of your family in your absence. The plan does this by providing a lump sum to the family of  life assured in case of death or critical illness (if option is chosen) of the life assured during the term of the contract. One can choose the lump sum that would replace the income lost to one's family in the unfortunate event of one's death.


Unit Linked Plans


ULIPs have gained high acceptance due to attractive features they offer.


These include:


Term- Limited period payment term.

Payment Mode- Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Annualy

Flexibility- To choose Sum Assured.

To choose premium amount.

Liquidity- Partial / Systematic withdrawal allowed

Option to withdraw money after few years .

Switch Option- Flexibility to change asset allocation by switching between funds

Funds- A choice of funds (Equity, Balance, Debt, Cash or a combination)

Track Fund Value- Convenience of tracking one’s investment performance on a daily basis.


Money Back

 It is an endowment policy for which a part of the sum assured is paid to the policyholder in the form of survival benefits, at fixed intervals, before the maturity date. The risk cover on the life continues for the full sum assured even after payment of survival benefits and bonus is also calculated on the full sum assured. If the policyholder survives till the end of the policy term, the survival benefits are deducted from the maturity value.



 When most people think of life insurance, they think of a traditional whole life policy. These are the simplest policies to understand. You pay a fixed premium every year based on your age and other factors, you earn interest on the policy's cash value as the years roll by and your beneficiaries get a fixed benefit after you die. The policy takes you into old age for the same premium you started out with. Whole life insurance policies are valuable because they provide permanent protection and accumulate cash values that can be used for emergencies or to meet specific objectives. The surrender value gives you an extra source of retirement money if you need it.


Children’s Plans


Children's Plan is designed to secure your child's future by giving your child (the beneficiary) a guaranteed lump sum, on maturity or in case of your unfortunate demise, early in the policy term.

Insurance company invests the premium amount received by you that gives good long-term returns.

 Children's Plan gives you:

  • Invaluable financial support to your child.

  • A choice to customize an ideal plan for your child.

  • Multiple options for multiple benefit

The plan receives simple Bonuses that usually added annually. At the end of the term, an additional Terminal Bonus has been paid depending on the performance of the underlying investment.


Retirement Solutions

Retirement Solutions are those wherein policyholder’s regular contributions over a period of time (or a one-time contribution) accumulate to form a corpus. This corpus is used to yield a regular income that is paid to policyholders until death starting from your desired retirement age. Some retirement solutions have the option to pay your survivors a lump sum amount upon your death in addition to the regular income you receive while you are alive.